Geofence Alert and Frequency reports!

One of the major concerns of any security company is to ensure that their guards perform their patrols as and where they are supposed to.

As you already know, QR-Patrol provides a Geofence feature (to learn more click here) which shows if the guard scanned a checkpoint within a pre-defined area or not. The manager in control can check the Geofence Status of each checkpoint (i.e. “within range” or “out of range”), by viewing the details of a SCAN event in the Events Browser.

What’s the new addition? A more automated Geofence Alert!

More specifically, every time a SCAN event is performed outside of its pre-defined area, a relevant notification appears on the Events Browser, quickly informing the manager in control about the out-of-range scan!


Driven by our valued customers’ requests and in an effort to expand QR-Patrol's Reporting options, we have also decided to incorporate Frequency Reports!

Ever wondered how many times a checkpoint was scanned within a specific period, or how many times a specific Incident type occured within e.g. the month?

Using Frequency Reports, the aforementioned questions won't concern you any more!

All you need to do is access the "Frequency Reports" under the "Reports" menu in the Web Application, select the period, checkpoints/incidents and guard of your interest and export your report! That's all!

We hope you are as excited as we are - stay tuned for more news and updates!

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