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We are driven by our vision


QR-Patrol System has been developed by Terracom Informatics LTD to bring a solution in real time monitoring and managing patrolling Security Guards, Lone Workers and Industrial Workers assuring their safety at all times.

Our dedicated Team is focused to provide fast response, reliability and support to our clients. We commit ourselves to further development and perfection of QR-Patrol as its daily appliance meets more demands in the complexity of the world we live in.
To manage and achieve our aims we value and treasure dearly the relationship built with our partners and customers. We are driven by your needs and desire for excellency in provision of your services to your clients.

Please Read also about our push to talk application, ideal for Lone Workers communication, QR-PTT (Quick Response Push to Talk), totally integrated with QR-Patrol smart guard tour system.


  • Ethnikis Antistasis 79, Katsikas,
    Ioannina, Zip: 45221 Greece
  • Phone: +30-26510-94333
  • Email:
  • info(at)qrpatrol(dot)com


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