Facilities Management & Cleaning

Facilities Management & Cleaning is a relatively traditional industry that undergoes rapid transformation nowadays. The emerging demand by end-users for more standardized services with measured results can only be achieved through the digitization of processes. Objective proof or presence, planned or unplanned inspections and incident management are key elements to successful service delivery. Health & Safety of lone workers is also taken really seriously by modern service providers, securing their compliance with regulations and strengthening their stance about worker well-being.

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Proof of presence & task completion

Verify workers’ proof of presence (and task completion) objectively, through mobile GPS or indoor location functionality. If needed, track your workers in real-time and monitor the path they have followed during their patrols, keeping them accountable and safe.

SOS Functionalities

Use the means that match your specific needs for personal safety alerts. Choose between our in-app SOS button, External SOS button or Mandown sensor and gain peace of mind that your people can instantly communicate any distress situation in order to assist them in a timely and potentially life-saving manner

Mobile forms for instant reporting

Replace exhaustive paper reports! Gather structured quality data from workers at certain points of importance and/or provide valuable instructions to them by attaching a Form at specific checkpoints.

Real – time incident management

Your workers become your “eyes & ears” on the field. They are empowered to report an incident in real-time and provide rich information about the situation via Multimedia. Managers can respond back with instructions or escalate the issues accordingly.

Schedules for efficient task management

Keep your clients informed without the additional administrative cost. You can schedule reports to be sent via email to your clients at predefined intervals.

QR-Patrol MARS

A mobile app, dedicated to managers/supervisors who are also on the field or just can’t be in front of their PC at all times. Managers/Supervisors receive real-time notifications about exceptions, SOS alerts and other incidents, so they can have peace of mind that no critical situation is neglected.


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