Corporate Security

Corporate Security teams around the world rely on our technology to optimize internal operations and constantly improve security and compliance workflows. Risk mitigation is at the core of their attention and always search to identify and eliminate threat patterns that pose risk to the business. Quick and adequate distribution of information towards all stakeholders is of paramount importance for strategy alignment and optimal decision making.

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Business Intelligence Tool

Not all businesses are the same. If you have advanced needs for reporting that are not covered from our built-in report library, take advantage of our Business Intelligence tool to create your own Custom Reports, follow your specific KPIs, create dashboards and Schedule reports to be sent automatically to the desired stakeholders.


Mobile forms for instant reporting

Replace exhaustive paper reports! Gather structured quality data from guards at certain points of importance and/or provide valuable instructions to them by attaching a Form at specific checkpoints.


Real time incident notifications

Your guards become your “eyes & ears” on the field. They are empowered to report an incident in real-time and provide rich information about the situation via Multimedia. Managers can respond back with instructions or escalate the issues accordingly.



Proof of presence

Verify Guards’ proof of presence (and task completion) objectively, through mobile GPS or indoor location functionality. If needed, track your guards in real-time and monitor the path they have followed during their patrols, keeping them accountable and safe.



Use QR-Patrol’s Application Programming Interface (API) to connect it with your existing systems and further streamline your operations. Integration use cases are unlimited, from Alarm Receiving Center systems, BI tools, HR systems and many more.


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