Events management

Events management is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and executing events such as conferences, trade shows, sports events, mega events, concerts, and other social or corporate gatherings. Safety and security are crucial considerations in events management since an event is a condition that will bring together visitors, employees, stakeholders, performers etc. Event organizers have a responsibility to ensure that the event is safe for all.

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QR-Patrol can be applied at multiple levels both in managing an event and in drawing conclusions afterwards about what may have gone wrong and where there is room for improvement, making it a tool for long-term risk and threat identification for the next ones to come. It provides a smart platform with zero time and cost of installation, combined with a simple mobile app, creating a smart, environmentally friendly solution, enlisting AI and cloud capabilities. It can be a key tool for real-time incident recording, full issue lifecycle management and proof of presence, thus creating the conditions for a proactive solution.

Suggested functionalities to be highlighted

Proof of presence & task completion

SOS Functionalities

Mobile forms for instant reporting

Real – time incident management

Schedules for efficient task management

Business Intelligence tool

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