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Test it for free now


Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet.

To test the guard's functionality, just download the mobile application for guards.

Download free of charge the Mobile Application by clicking here, or from the Google Android or Appstore:

QR-Patrol for Android      QR-Patrol for iOs

To monitor guards and fully manage guard tours and patrols, just log in the web application (in case of desktop / laptop use)

Web Application

or download QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. application to manage guard tours and patrols via your smartphone from here, or by clicking the buttons below:

QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. for Android     QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. for iOs


On your device use "demo" as patrol id and leave empty the pin field.

Please give some time to the app to find it's location through Cells, Wi-Fi or GPS. Make sure in settings of your smartphone, full location finding ability is enabled

Press Start patrol, Finish patrol, TEST, SOS, or Scan the QR Code below or an NFC check point. You can also send incidents, pictures, sound recordings and text messages or your  signature in real time. You can see the results immediately at the web application by following the next step or in your QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. mobile application.

Login to by pressing the "Free Test" button. That's it! 

You can use the Advanced Web App for reporting and live alerting about missed, out of schedule or even out of order check point scans.

A really unique real time system!



 - Be sure to activate GSM or WiFi.

 - The demo account is fully functional, but is provided only for testing purposes!
   To obtain your own account, subscribe to one of our Plans


You can use your smart phone to scan the QR Code and check immediately QR-Patrol mobile application. Just scan the QR-code on the right!


Every time you update the Mobile App through App Store it is highly recommended to clear the cache and clear the data through App Manager (Android), in order to avoid unexpected system behaviour



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    Ioannina, Zip: 45221 Greece
  • Phone: +30-26510-94333
  • Email:
  • info(at)qrpatrol(dot)com


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