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Become a QR-Patrol partner

QR-Patrol Partner Program puts the full power of QR-Patrol behind our partners, spurring even more merchant success. You can now enjoy multiple benefits:

  Innovation: It is the only system at the moment supporting 3 checkpoint types (qr codes, NFC and Beacons).

  Simplicity: Clients refrain from investing in complex systems that require great effort to familiarize with – QR-Patrol is simple to use offering handy applications.

  No installation: No travel expenses for on-site presence to the clients' location. Ability to manage the system completely remotely.

  Multiple Target Markets: Security Companies, Facility Management, Lone Workers, Maritime Industry, Public transportation, Hotels, Telecommunications.

  Strong brand: A well established large network of partners and clients that continuously expands. QR-Patrol has 30 partners at the moment throughout the world and clients in 85 countries.

  No need to invest on R&D Elimination of respective risk and costs, as we constantly adopt latest technology innovations such as beacon technology and Internet of Things.

  Ability to expand: Partners can develop their own network of partners and resellers to market their services more efficiently and grow rapidly.

  Flexible Partnership schemes: Plain and white label partnership schemes offer a range of choices to get benefit from a partnership with a leading guard tour software company.

  Cooperation in Marketing QR-Patrol has developed an extensive database of marketing material which includes brochures, leaflets, fliers, graphics, videos etc. All partners can use QR-Patrol marketing material.

  No need to stock: QR-Patrol policy focuses on subscriptions and there is no need to supply expensive equipment. You can even make profit by selling checkpoints (beacons, NFC, qr-codes).

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Empower your business - Join QR-Patrol network

Make money while selling innovative, comprehensive security solutions. Our partner program is designed to help your business provide unmatched security solutions, while assuring a profitable contribution to your business.

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3 Partnership Opportunities

The QR-Patrol partner program is comprised of three categories that align to a partner’s primary business model with us: Plain or White Label. Each category highlights how the partner engages with their customers as well as QR-Patrol team, and offers details on the global program framework.

plain distribution partnership plan

Plain distribution

You can introduce QR-Patrol to your market by constructing a brand new website for QR-Patrol for your region. You can build your own dedicated team for sales and support and use our complete-range extended marketing material (brochures, presentations, user-guides, promotional videos)

exclusive distribution partnership plan

Exclusive distribution

You can gain more benefits by adopting an exclusive partnership in your region, meanining that you will benefit from eliminating competition and acquire a larger market share. Exclusivity derives through profit margin and potential sales evaluation and is defined for a specific time interval which could be extended respectively.

white label distribution partnership plan

White Label

Our white label partners sell QR-Patrol products under their own branding! It means that you will get your own web and mobile applications (Android and iOs) under your company's branding (domain name, logo,etc) and sell your own software which includes full functionality and updates of QR-Patrol!

plain distribution partnership plan
exclusive distribution partnership plan
white label distribution partnership plan
white label distribution partnership plan

Interesting in supplying a top guard tour solution?

QR-Patrol Partners are independent hardware, software or vertical market companies committed to teaming with QR-Patrol on go-to-market relationships. The solutions we develop with our technology partners improve the customer experience and create unique value for QR-Patrol customers.









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