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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from candidate Partners

1. Who invoices the end-client?

The partner invoices the end-client and Terracom SA (mother company of QR-Patrol) invoices the partner for its commission.

2. What is the payment scheme for partners?

Partners receive an invoice at the end of each month regarding the commission of their clients’ active subscriptions during that month. Payments towards Terracom take place quarterly.

3. How is the commission to Terracom SA calculated?

This is calculated based on specific partner pricelists and discount policy.

4. Can I sell the system under my own brand name?

Yes, this would entail the creation of a white label solution based on certain Terms & Conditions. Before taking this option, always consider the increased brand awareness of the “QR-Patrol” brand and the direct benefits of its partners.

5. How do I manage my end-client accounts?

As a QR-Patrol partner you will have access to your own QR-Patrol partner account which enables you to create, manage and support end-client accounts.

6. Can I sell at my own prices?

The partner pricelists should be considered as the minimum suggested ones. You may sell higher than these (for example match the ones on our website), or even higher in the case of offering value-added services as well.

7. Will I be able to create demo accounts for my prospects?

Yes, through your QR-Patrol partner account. Usually our normal demo accounts have a duration of 2 weeks, include 2 Guard IDs and can be of any Version.

8. Can I market the solution to other markets than the one I am located?

This can be the case, but always contact us first to avoid any conflict. We always suggest to focus your efforts to exploit the local market first.

9. Will I have access to marketing/support material?

Yes, we have available a wealth of material and we can also provide editable formats for your own customization purposes.

10. Who is responsible for the support of the end-clients?

The QR-Patrol partner is required to provide Level 1 support. The QR-Patrol team will provide Level 2 support based on the information that the partner has gathered from the end-client.

11. How should I charge my end-clients?

We strongly suggest to engage into prepayment schemes with your clients to avoid bad debt. Payments from your clients can be on a monthly or annual basis or any other period you may choose.

12. Will the QR-Patrol team forward any leads to the partner?

Yes, this is our standard business practice. We forward all leads that come to us directly to our regional resellers to handle them locally.

13. How will the market know that I am an authorized reseller of QR-Patrol?

You will be listed on our Global Partners page on our website and we also provide a QR-Patrol Partner Certificate for your purposes.

14. Can I bundle QR-Patrol with other services?

We strongly suggest it. It could increase client engagement and average customer lifetime value.

15. Will I receive any training?

Yes, this is part of the on-boarding process and can also be organized on demand throughout the partnership as well.

16. What does the on-boarding process involve?

The on-boarding process can be summarized into the evaluation of the proposal, the signing of a partnership agreement, an initial product commitment, the provision of the QR-Patrol partner account and finally training.

17. Will I be able to take part to any promotion campaigns?

Of course! We run various campaigns throughout the year which our partners can take advantage from directly or use them with their own clients/prospects.

For more information about QR-Patrol’s features and functionalities, you can consult our Web and Mobile Application or our Video Tutorials.

Check our all-inclusive Support & Startup Training packages here,
or contact support@qrpatrol.com for a free consultation on the right package for your company.


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