Enterprise solutions

Enterprise solutions

Your custom solution is your business vision

QR-Patrol comes with a wide range of features and functions, covering the majority of standard Patrol management workflows. However, if your business has specific, non-standard processes and business requirements, a custom solution may be just what you’re looking for.

We have the expertise and technology to provide you an alternative system tailored to your particular business needs that will help your enterprise to improve the efficiency of its operations and make it more responsive, effective, and profitable.


When to choose a Custom solution

  You can't find what you are looking for in the market

  You already have some existing systems in place

  Your business process is evolving constantly

  You foresee major user growth

You can build an adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective system that meets all of your needs and evolves with you as your business grows.


Types of customization



Integration between QR-Patrol and your existing systems will ensure that all your business processes are fully integrated and guarantee efficiency improvements through automation. Active Directory, Alarm receiving center, Reporting service are just a few examples of systems that have been integrated with QR-Patrol.


QR-Patrol covers most of the needs of your business, but it may not have a certain field, function, or report option. A custom software adaptation can fill in the blanks. We work with you and adjust the system specifically to meet your requirements and streamline processes.

White label

You love QR-Patrol and would like to offer it under your own branding. Within our White Label partnership, you can get your own web and mobile applications under your company's branding and sell your own branded software which will include full functionality and updates of QR-Patrol.

Benefits of a QR-Patrol-based customized solution


Based on a top product

QR-Patrol is a leading solution in its category, used by companies in 87 countries and trusted by largescale companies and organizations. So your solution will be based on a highly reliable function- and feature-rich system.


Because the software will be specifically adjusted for your organization and processes, it will dramatically improve your business workflows, increase accuracy, and enable your personnel to interact more efficiently.


Adjustable software is a great option since it costs you far less than a completely custom system. But, it is the same fully-featured, well documented, and completely supported by us.

A Time-saver

Your system is not created from scratch, it is built around a ready-made core, adjusted according to your business processes. So, you know what to expect and when.

Long Life-cycle

Your solution will be extensible to fulfill new tasks and guarantee productivity. It will also be regularly updated to maintain its smooth and proper functioning, so as to keep your system the best it can be.

Evolution your way

If you decide to add some functionality or further modify the system, direct cooperation with us fastens the process and saves your time and funds.


You customize the system as your business grows. You start with a selected functionality and infrastructure and expand them according to your future needs.

Support and Training

Our experts provide you with technical help and knowledge. Custom software training programs can be built for your business to focus on the processes that really matter.

Infrastructure according to your preferences

You can choose IT infrastructure to host the system according to your business needs

On Premise Hosting

On Premise Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

We work with top cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, and can deploy on a cloud vendor of your choice.


Heathrow, Brinks, WKCD, Elevante FM, Apro Asian Protection are among the companies that trusted us to build their custom solutions


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