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The evolution of guard systems

Monitor guards, manage patrols, organize schedules



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User Management

QR-Patrol web application allows total control on different security entries' levels: administrators, managers, security companies, security guards and clients. A QR-Patrol manager can control all the parameters regarding the levels down in the hierarchy.

QR-Patrol web application lets you add and edit all relevant information regarding the various users roles and allows the total remote management of any incident, guard, shcedule, client related to the security guard company or organization.





Advanced Reporting

There are four basic reporting options, enabling export to PDF or excel format for further processing:

  • Finished Scheduled Route Report, which informs about all accomplished or missed patrols within a specific time interval.
  • Clients Events Report, including all events for a specific client with full details.
  • Incidents Report, including all events filtered by clients' sites or guards.
  • Guard Daily Tour Duration Report, informing about exact time and duration of accomplished guard tours.




qr patrol mars guard tour patrol system



Manage and assign checkpoints

The security account manager using QR-Patrol can easily assign checkpoints (QR-codes, NFC tags, Beacons) via the web interface of QR-Patrol. Each chekcpoint is assigned to a specific client site and location and so predefined tours can be scheduled for each security guard. Checkpoints assignment is the core of QR-Patrol guard tour monitoring software as it interconnects mobile and web application via checkpoints scan accomplished by the security guards.


Security guard tour management in real-time

A must have tool for guard tour administrators


Secure premises



Monitor guards remotely



Prevent damange and loss



Track hours and control budget



administrator of QR-Patrol

Organize guard tour schedule



Conduct paperless reports



Eliminate time loss



Real-time management



Test for free QR-Patrol web application

Grab the chance to be a master in patrolling management!

QR-Patrol Web Application



Increase your security guard company's efficiency

QR-Patrol guard system incorporates several features that will help you maximize your productivity and gain customers'confidence.

  • Remote managemet via cloud server infrastracture
  • Real-time guard tracking and GPS positioning
  • Comprehensive data analysis of any guard tour
  • Accurate history log
  • Automation and accountability



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