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ESG incorporation at Terracom

Over the last decade, corporate sustainability, climate, and social changes are becoming more of a mandatory endeavor rather than a voluntary undertaking. Now more than ever, businesses and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) are more intertwined. Organizations that are embracing the ESG proposition are better suited to succeed in the competitive global market.


What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and refers to a set of criteria that investors use to evaluate a company's overall sustainability and ethical behavior.

Environmental criteria focus on a company's impact on the natural world, such as its carbon emissions, waste management practices, and resource conservation efforts. Social criteria examine a company's treatment of employees, customers, and other stakeholders, as well as its stance on issues such as diversity and human rights. Governance criteria assess a company's leadership, transparency, and overall management structure, including its approach to risk management and compliance with laws and regulations.

ESG analysis is becoming increasingly important to many investors as they look to make investments that align with their values and support sustainable business practices. By considering ESG factors, investors can gain a more complete picture of a company's performance and potential risks and opportunities, beyond just its financial performance.

To understand the concept better, let’s break down ESG


The environmental aspect considers the way a business utilizes energy, natural resources, handles waste, and steps they take to minimize pollution. The criteria also examine any environmental risk a business might face and evaluates how the business responds and manages them.

These issues include toxic emission management, disposal of hazardous waste, and how they operate in case they own contaminated property. A wise investor will always look for companies that comply with government environmental regulations.


The social criteria examine a company’s business angle and the relationships it shapes with the community. Some of the factors considered include but are not limited to whether they partner with businesses that hold the same moral ground as they claim to do, and the effort they make to give back to society.

A socially conscious company should also give priority to its employees’ safety and health. It should consider the interest of its stakeholders and encourage its employees in participating in voluntary community work for the enhancement of social ethics.


The governance criteria examine how a company operates. The investors expect the business they wish to be part of to use transparent and accurate accounting / financial procedures. The criteria also try to determine whether stockholders are given an opportunity to express their opinion in a company’s important decisions through voting.

Investors utilize the governance aspect to assure that the business is more than capable to avoid conflict of interests when it comes to choosing board members. Most importantly, the company should not be engaging in anything illegal or use political contributions to solicit undeserving favors.

Why Environmental, Social, and Governance is Important?

After a devastating pandemic year, investors now understand sustainability is not just about handling environmental risks, but also other unforeseen and out of the box factors. The creation of a resilience ESG infrastructure is now necessary.

In recent past, investors have witnessed an elevated ESG and consumer attention towards the impact of businesses and corporations. This scenario has steered them to go for companies with strong ESG proportion to safeguard their interests when investing.

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ESG issues will be their top priority and will play a great role when they are making their decisions. SEC postulated that the line between profitability and good doing is fading fast, and that’s why there is a need for efforts to pursue public interests while maximizing the bottom line in the US.

Elsewhere, European Green Deal is targeting to help all member states achieve a net-zero emissions by 2050. They also want to achieve circular economies by then.

ESG is important

What does this Mean for Companies?

Many nations have embraced regulations such as implementing carbon taxes and money lending institutions have initiated ESG rules into their funding processes. Due to the scenario, many companies have already started feeling the impact of financial consequences.

For stakeholders to mitigate the effects that come with poor lending conditions, they must prove they have robust ESG strategies in place. Investors across the globe have discovered settling for businesses with effective ESG strategies, is a precursor to improve their ROI and it also reduces revenue risks.

ESG incorporation at Terracom

At Terracom, we strongly promote an environmental and socially conscious mindset that is committed to ESG strategies for the development and long being of our company.


As the climate crisis continues to worsen, businesses must take responsibility for their carbon footprint and find ways to reduce their impact on the environment. One way to do this is by leveraging cloud-based Software-as-a-Service SaaS solutions like QR-Patrol.

SaaS solutions are a great way to reduce waste and protect the environment. By hosting applications in the cloud, businesses no longer need to purchase and maintain physical hardware such as servers. This eliminates the need for extremely high energy-consuming on-premises solutions, which are a major contributor to carbon emissions. Additionally, cloud computing allows businesses to reduce their IT footprint and use fewer resources overall.

Moreover, SaaS solutions are often more secure than their on-premises counterparts. With cloud computing, all data is stored in a secure, off-site location, which eliminates the need for physical security equipment such as cameras, fences, access controls etc. This further reduces energy consumption, making SaaS cloud solutions an ideal choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, SaaS cloud solutions can also help businesses save money. By eliminating the need to purchase and maintain expensive hardware, businesses can avoid costly overhead costs. Finally, SaaS cloud solutions are typically more cost-effective than on-premise solutions due to their scalability, which allows businesses to adjust their usage as needed.

We implements several SaaS systems such as the cloud security patrol management system "QR-Patrol" which is at the moment a core leading market product throughout the world.

Terracom is constantly following enviromental strategies during many daily routines: recycling batteries, minimizing paperwork by using advanced software solutions, protecting devices through UPS systems, and following green tactics within our central buildings and offices.


In today's world, the need for safe and inclusive environments for both citizens and workers are a prerequisite. Physical security stakeholders are faced with the challenge of providing secure workplaces that also promote social responsibility. The emergence of QR-Patrol SaaS cloud solution offers an effective and efficient way to ensure safer societies that focus on social growth.

QR-Patrol SaaS cloud solution is a comprehensive and secure system that enables physical security stakeholders to monitor employee and visitor activity in real time as well as safeguard assets.

The use of QR-Patrol SaaS cloud solution also promotes social responsibility and inclusion. Its features help protect workers and citizens from any potential discrimination or harassment that may occur in the workplace and enhance health & safety in real-time.

This innovative technology also encourages ethical business practices by providing stakeholders with real-time information about their processes and security planning. It helps stakeholders to evaluate performance in terms of security measures and compliance with the law and its flexibility enables them to adjust as and if required.

Corporate Governance

The digital age has impacted how businesses operate and how their stakeholders interact. Corporate governance is an essential part of a business's operations, as it helps ensure ethical practices, accountability, and transparency for all stakeholders. With the emergence of QR-Patrol, businesses have the power to strengthen their corporate governance efforts and empower stakeholders with real-time access to information which help them to get immediate and accurate action.

QR-Patrol is a smartphone-based solution that provides physical security operations with the tools to improve corporate governance. Its reporting attributes allow stakeholders to access information quickly, enabling them to make better decisions promptly.

Stakeholders can view operations in real-time and provide their input on important matters, allowing them to influence decisions. QR-Patrol also provides stakeholders with the transparency they need to ensure ethical business practices. The solution offers detailed reports that show all operations, including actions logs. This allows stakeholders to easily review activities and verify compliance with regulations. Stakeholders can also monitor the activities of employees, ensuring that all operations are being conducted ethically and safely.

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QR-Patrol System has been developed by Terracom to bring a solution in real time monitoring and patrolling managment of Security Guards, Lone Workers and Industrial Workers assuring their safety at all times. Our dedicated Team is focused to provide fast response, reliability and support to our clients. We commit ourselves to further development and perfection of QR-Patrol as its daily appliance meets more demands in the complexity of the world we live in. To manage and achieve our aims we value and treasure dearly the relationship built with our partners and customers. We are driven by your needs and desire for excellency in provision of your services to your clients.

At Terracom, we offer customized and high-end Information Technology Solutions. Our dedicated Team is focused to provide fast response, reliability and support to our clients. Customer satisfaction has always been our ultimate goal since the first day of our operation in 1999. We are providing top-of-the-shelf IT services and innovative products. We are proud to have established a superb reputation all over the globe and we are always researching opportunities to adapt new technologies so as to offer the most advanced products and services.

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