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Security/Guarding firms provide critical services which support businesses and individuals to attain their bigger goals. Security providers operate in a very competitive market where they need to prove their value day-in day-out. At the same time, end users rely on technology for other parts of their business and so they require the same for their Security. Technology brings transparency and trust, which forge long lasting business relationships between the Security provider and the end user. Increase of end-user satisfaction and confidence equals increased business.

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Proof of presence & task completion

Verify workers’ proof of presence (and task completion) objectively, through mobile GPS or indoor location functionality. If needed, track your workers in real-time and monitor the path they have followed during their patrols, keeping them accountable and safe.

Scheduled work

Plan ahead by creating patrol schedules for your guards in advance. This will also automate the work monitoring process, as you get instantly notified for exceptions. Guards are notified for any upcoming or newly assigned work on their mobile so they know what are the exact tasks that need to be completed at any given time.

Scheduled reports

Keep your clients informed without the additional administrative cost. You can schedule reports to be sent via email to your clients at predefined intervals.

Client access

Engage your clients by providing them with (read only) access to the Web app. This enables them to monitor themselves events related to their sites in real-time. This minimizes the need for constant reporting or back and forth communication.

Real – time incident notifications

Your guards become your “eyes & ears” on the field. They are empowered to report an incident in real-time and provide rich information about the situation via Multimedia. Managers can respond back with instructions or escalate the issues accordingly.

QR-Patrol Push to Talk

Streamline your operations by gathering all systems in one smartphone device and increase your cost savings. With QR-Patrol PTT you enable your workforce to communicate securely in real-time with no need for additional bulky equipment.


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