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QR-Patrol Pricelist

Compare QR-Patrol Plans and buy checkpoints (QR-code, NFC, beacons)

Incident Reporting
Schedules Management
NFC/QR-code Checkpoints
+Beacon Checkpoints
Daily Activity Reports
GPS Monitoring
Real Time Alerts
User Management
Multi Level Access
Cloud Infrastructure
Email Notifications
Customer Support
+2 extra mobile applications QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. and QR-PTT applications
Man Down functionality See more here
Mobile Patrol Management Manage your guard tours just from mobile phone via QR-Patrol M.A.R.S.
Push To Talk Functionality Ability to simulate walkie talkie functionality and create private voice networks
API Access Full access to Application Programming Interface
External SOS button feature See more here:
Indoor Location See more here:


QR-Patrol Subscription plans

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Enjoy FULL features with QR-Patrol PRO
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** Notice: $ refers to USD **

** Notice: Each plan can only be used by one company **


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QR-Patrol equipment

Hardware and Consumables

Keep in mind that you can generate and print QR-Code checkpoints on your own, through your account! Wondering how to do that? Just check here!
You can even use your own NFC tags!


**Notice:$ refers to USD**


Buy Beacon Checkpoints, Sensor Clips and Panic buttons

Master guard tour security with advanced beacon technology incorporation


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