New feature added: Personalized login screen!

We are thrilled to announce that a personalized login screen for you and your clients is now available in the GOLD version of the system!

This new feature offers an improved user experience for you and your clients, by setting-up your own personalized login screen!

You can implement this exciting feature by following the instructions below!

While on the Web Application, navigate to "Company" --> "Company info"
Press the "Edit" link on the "Custom Login Screen" section
Edit the Url that you want to use for your Personalized Login Screen
Note: This is the link that will lead to your Personalized Web App Login Page! You can use something like:
Edit the Main Title & Description of your page

Upload a background image by pressing the '+' icon, selecting the target file from your pc and pressing on the Upload link
Note:You can remove the background image anytime, simply by pressing on the Remove Image link on the "Custom login Screen" section!
Customize the color and font of your page's Main Title & Description by pressing "Preview the result" and then "Customize" on the bottom right

Press on Save link to save the changes, or Cancel to dismiss them


That's all!

Be the first to try out our GOLD version; contact our sales team!