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Crown Battery Case Study


"QR-Patrol allows me to collect date- and location-stamped signatures, photos and videos as evidence of safety observations, quality checks and production "work-in-progress" (WIP), which provide me with confidence that the work is being done where it counts – out on the production floor! The strong reporting features of QR-Patrol make it easy to track progress towards goals, and the ability import all the raw data into spreadsheets also gives me lots of opportunities for data analysis." Jim Anderson (Health, Safety and Environmental Manager)

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Waimak Case Study


For Waimak Patrols & Security Services, the road to market leadership in their North Canterbury Region goes through customer trust and working closely with customers to offer the best security services. It is essential that their customers feel confident about the level of protection they receive and this can be easily proved through tangible evidence and credible channels of communication. The use of QR Patrol monitoring system was the ideal tool to provide the transparency in their operations and it has given Waimak Patrols a competitive advantage that made their business grow.

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Heathrow Case Study


Heathrow operates in a complex environment that is highly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority within the auspices of the UK National Aviation Security Programme. The compliance to these regulations ensure that an airport operates in a controllable, safe and risk-free environment for passengers, employees and assets. As expected, these regulations highly impact the framework and tools under which the surveillance and patrols are conducted within the vast and versatile surroundings of such an organization.

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