Waimak Case Study


For Waimak Patrols & Security Services, the road to market leadership in their North Canterbury Region goes through customer trust and working closely with customers to offer the best security services. It is essential that their customers feel confident about the level of protection they receive and this can be easily proved through tangible evidence and credible channels of communication. The use of QR Patrol monitoring system was the ideal tool to provide the transparency in their operations and it has given Waimak Patrols a competitive advantage that made their business grow.


Nigel McFall, Managing Partner at Waimak, is passionate about his job and has a clear focus on customer satisfaction. He describes that providing high level protection services to the client is one thing, reassuring them that these are met, day after day, month after month, is another challenge by itself. His experience with QR Patrol is summarized in his words: “QR Patrol increases transparency, and transparency builds trust. It gives all our clients peace of mind knowing that the job is being done. It also allows us to utilize the data to improve the quality of the service we provide".

“Before QR Patrol there was nothing to prove we had been onsite and the route we had taken. Vehicle GPS was a workaround at the time but was quite inaccurate and only provided a very small snapshot of the work we were doing.” After a thorough market research and the trial of QR Patrol, Nigel and his team immediately knew that this was the tool that would help them address the above challenges.

Solution and Results

QR Patrol has automated a large part of the communication between the Waimak Team and their clients. The latter were now able to receive in their inbox real time information about Incident reporting enriched with Multimedia that could describe any situation in detail. The “Client Login” feature of QR Patrol also provides to the more tech savvy clients the chance to see all events (checkpoint scans, Incidents, etc.) on the QR Patrol web app itself in real time. This saves man-hours and let the Waimak Team focus at their main tasks, which is keeping clients and their properties safe.

In addition, the rich data and reporting tools offered by the QR Patrol solution gave Waimak the ability to work on safety enhancements and offer a more holistic approach to clients’ safety. “We have turned very small contracts into large ones by highlighting holes in the security by the constant reporting which finds us offering additional services to make their sites as secure as it can be.”

Nigel does not only work closely with his clients, but did the same with the QR Patrol Team. He offered valuable feedback and great ideas for advanced reporting and these led to the release of the “Scheduled Client Email Reports” feature. It enables QR Patrol users (security providers etc.) to send client reports in regular time intervals automatically. The administrative hours saved are substantial as well as the related costs. The automated process is also less prone to mistakes and clients are assured that they get on objective view of their services.

With the use of QR Patrol during the last three years, Waimak Patrols saw their business grow exponentially. They managed to address their main challenge, to cement the right perception of their valuable services to their clients and create long lasting relationships. Their clients became Waimak ambassadors and the “word of mouth” increased sales conversion rates, increased Average Customer Retention time and minimized resources for complaint management.

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