FIFA World Cup 2022 Case Study

QR-Patrol's workforce management software was ultimately the preferred and most suitable, smart solution for covering the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, over other traditional workforce and security management solutions. Totally being the representative of how technology can be an essential tool for organizing such events, QR-Patrol was a key tool for managing personnel, incidents, control and movement during the event.

Terracom provided its systems for the organization of the world cup in Qatar, helping to ensure the safety of athletes, workers and fans through a single software. The digital human activity remote management system was used in a wide range of buildings such as stadiums, hotels and training centers, essentially ensuring immediate intervention in the event of an incident.


The World Cup is a massive international event that brings together teams, players, and fans from all around the world, which in itself brings challenges for those involved in its smooth implementation. Some of them include:

  • 1  Logistics: The World Cup requires a massive logistical effort, including transportation, accommodations, and security for players, teams, and fans.
  • 2  Infrastructure: The infrastructure required, including stadiums, roads, and public transportation, must be in place and functioning smoothly.
  • 3  Security: It attracts large crowds which makes it necessary, security measures to be in place to ensure the safety of all attendees.
  • 4  Language and cultural barriers: The World Cup brings together people from different countries and cultures, who may not speak the same language or have the same customs. This can create communication and cultural barriers.
  • 5  Environmental concerns: Such an event can have a significant impact on the environment, including issues such as waste management, water and energy use, and transportation emissions.

The need

Considering the above challenges, plus the fact that time never seems to be enough in organizing such an event, both FIFA and the national organizing committee have made it clear that a technologically advanced solution with accounting, automation and real-time reporting features is far preferable. Something along these lines was like photographing the QR-Patrol.

The solution

The QRP system by enlisting the majority of the capabilities of the oob solution, combined with a few touches - custom development additions and huge doses of adaptability and flexibility came to meet needs for:

  •  Real time proof of presence
  •  Real time incident reporting
  •  Movement management and GPS tracking
  •  Real time issue - ticket management
  •  Business intelligence - Visualized insights
  •  Digital inspection forms
  •  Scheduling

proving, as the results and numbers show, how suitable, or rather how necessary technology is for our benefit in an event of this size.

As basic key features for the smooth running of the event were recorded among others:

  • 1  Issue Management & Work Orders (most popular)
  • 2  Digital Workers database (most popular)
  • 3  Digital inspection & movement questionnaires - forms
  • 4  BI - Dashboards - Reports
  • 5  Mobile device Management software

Let the numbers speak

QRP comes to play a key role and literally face the above challenges by providing a cloud-based, environmentally friendly, smart solution bringing together people from completely different backgrounds and cultures, bypassing any cultural and national barrier. Let's let some of the numbers tell their own story:

  • 1  100 different locations, 12 stadiums and training sites, including Lusail where the final was held, used QRP.
  • 2  173000 events - logs were sent in real time from the field while the event was live – eliminating pen & paper and any other environmentally harmful solution.
  • 3  1134 users from multiple countries and backgrounds used the system
  • 4  99% of tickets were resolved in less than 1 day by the team.
  • 5  100% of SOC - VOC operators agreed on the importance of a digital, cutting-edge tool with AI features, at such an event.

Technology, at the level of artificial intelligence at which it currently stands, can be a powerful tool for humanity, and it has the potential to provide numerous benefits to individuals and society as a whole.