How to create an incident report and send it in real time to your clients





Web Application


Click on the "Clients" button

Select the client you wish to receive the reports and press "Edit"

On the pop-up window, check the box "Incident Report by Email"

In case you want to add more recipients, just fill in their e-mail addresses on the respective field


Mobile Application

On the patrol main screen press "Incident"

Select an incident from the list that appears

Check the "Send the report by e-mail" box

Assign the Incident to a Client's Site by pressing "Assign Point" and by scanning a QR-code label after that, or by reading a NFC tag

Important Note: The respective checkpoint must be assigned to one of the Client's Sites (i.e. on the web application)!

Click on "Send Incidents"


For more information you can read our Web Application and Mobile Application User Guides by clicking the buttons below:

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