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1. What is QR-Patrol?

QR-Patrol is the smartest real time and on-line guard tour and patrol system.

2. What does QR-Patrol mean?

Quick Response Patrol.

3. How secure is QR-Patrol?

Every necessary measure has been taken in order to ensure the safety of the system and our customers' data. All the communication between the mobile devices, the servers and the Web browsers is SSL encrypted, and data are mirrored in more than 1 servers.

4. Can I test for free?

Of course, for as long as you want! Just click here.

5. Is QR-Patrol available in my region?

QR-Patrol is a real-time cloud based guard tour monitoring system so it is available worldwide.

6. What are the minimum device specifications in order to use QR-Patrol?

QR-Patrol is compatible with almost every device (Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry OS 10 and above).
We'd suggest though the following minimum specs, in order for you to have the optimum functionality: 

a) for Android:
- Android version 5.0 and above
- For fingerprint functionality Android version 6.0 and above

b) for iOS:
- iOS version 11 and above

Keep in mind that not all devices support the NFC feature.
If you wish to use Beacons as well, the device should support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

7. What type of checkpoints can be used?

QR-Patrol is the only Guard Tour System supporting 3 types of checkpoints! So you can use QR code labels, NFC tags or beacons as checkpoints!

8. What is the maximum number of checkpoints QR-Patrol supports?

There is no maximum number of checkpoints that you can use. Our application supports unlimited number of checkpoints.

9. Is the installation of the system complicated?

No, not at all. You have to install the mobile apps on the mobile devices through the App Stores. It is the only step in order to use QR-Patrol!

10. Can I have up to 3 different guards using QR-Patrol on 3 different smartphones?

You can use 3 different phones for up to 3 different guards, but if you use 1 device for different guards, all events from the device must be uploaded to the cloud server before you change guard ID. Otherwise, all stored data from the device will be deleted.

11. Can I prevent my guards from copying checkpoints and "cheating" the system?

"Cheating" is not an easy thing to do; every time that your employees send an event, the position (acquired by GPS, WiFi and GSM cell antennas) and respective time-stamp is also included, so you will be able to spot where they are.
Additionally, instead of QR-Code labels, you could also use NFC tags or Beacons as checkpoints, so that your employees won't be able to copy them.

For more information about Basic questions regarding QR-Patrol, you can read our Web Application and Mobile Application User Guides by clicking on the links below:

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