QR-Patrol system architecture: 12 key-points to trust QR-Patrol services!

Here at QR-Patrol, we aim to ensure that you have the optimal experience using our system; this includes not only providing a user-friendly and powerful User Interface, but also ensuring that your data is transferred and stored securely and that you can use QR-Patrol 24/7!

We've taken all the necessary measures so that you can benefit from QR-Patrol while being worry-free!

The following image depicts the system architecture:


So what is it that makes QR-Patrol so special? Here are some of our strong points related to the system architecture:

  • Multiple load balancers (HAProxy) that ensure high availability and avoids bottle-necks on the load balancer point!
  • Dedicated machines as backends of the load-balancers - Ensures practically, unlimited computing power as application load is distributed to our Intel CPU powered with 64GB RAM dedicated servers!
  • Our application servers are actual machines that can handle heavy task loads and are also handled by our load balancer by sophisticated rules that distribute evenly the load each time.
  • Fast Data Center with guaranteed speed of 1Gb!
  • Database server on a separate high performance dedicated machine supported by a replication machine that mirrors data in real-time! Also, some heavy data mining and reporting tasks are placed on the mirror DB servers for optimal performance!
  • Our system has the ability to handle MME (multimedia events) which may contain plain text, image, and audio stored in our owned servers in the data center. Only signed in users via an encrypted channel can have access to these resources.
  • Email send-out is done via a well-trusted worldwide mail service that ensures email deliverability!
  • Our infrastructure is designed and maintained by our specialist team. Our setup guarantees optimal Performance (multiple nodes that support the whole system and avoid the case that the user may even experience a bottleneck or an outage).
  • Security – Our whole system is secured with the latest industry standard protocols and maintained and supervised by our team:

    - Data are stored to our own servers (hosted in state-of-the-art Green Data Center - 100% Green Electricity)

    - SSL encryption is used for all communication

    - Data are mirrored in more than 1 servers

    - We've also taken all necessary measures in order to offer high availability of all services

  • Flexibility – Because of the availability of many nodes, we have the capability and know-how, for making fast repair actions for any occurred issue.
  • High-level support – We pride ourselves on providing the best support to our clients and assisting them with any questions they may have 7 days a week!
  • You can find what our customers say about us at: https://www.qrpatrol.com/customer-testimonials

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