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QR-Patrol Startup Training Packages

Ensure you get the most out of your QR-Patrol account by participating in basic & advanced training performed by QR-Patrol’s experts. We will arrange an online meeting with you and your team members, guide you through QR-Patrol and help identify the right tools for your unique requirements.


300 $


400 $


600 $

Web App Training      
Company Details & Clients Setup
Branches, Guards, Users
Clients & Sites Setup
Checkpoints & assignment, automatic report scheduling
Company Efficiency
Communicate with Workers, Incidents, Reports export, Schedules
Mobile App Training      
Navigation & Schedules
Login, Events, Timeline & Schedules
Patrolling & Advanced Reporting
*Scan, SOS events, Multimedia, Incidents
Setup & Settings
PRO features and Apps      
Push to Talk over IP
M.A.R.S. app
Mobile Management
Mobile Forms  
Mobile app SOS Button & Mandown settings  
GOLD Features      
Guard Trail    
Logo on reports, Personalized Login screen
Virtual Checkpoints    
Actions Logs    
BI Tool    
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Your clients deserve quality services; investing in QR-Patrol Support & Training is investing in your business.

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QR-Patrol Support Packages

QR-Patrol Support team’s experts are highly skilled and committed to provide world-class service to your company, from general, simple inquiries to the most advanced ones. If any issue arises, they are in constant communication with the development team, to analyze it, identify its nature and ensure quick resolution.

  Free Standard Premium
Support Services
Access to training material
Updating constantly
Online Ticket Submission
E-mail Support
Live Chat
Support Cases   6 15
Telephone Support  
Web Conference Support
Screen Sharing Included
Priority Support    
Periodic Check-ins   Quarterly Monthly
Expert Tips - Best Use Notifications    
Custom Reports Creation Discounts    
Addittional Services Discounts
e.g. bulk data upload

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Getting a Startup Training package means that you are entitled to dedicated meetings with our experts who will help you get started with your account. This includes basic & advanced Web & Mobile application training, as well as tips on best practices and most commonly used features to save your team the time of learning themselves.
Our dedicated support packages are designed to help maximize your productivity. This is achieved by allowing you to spend less time searching for solutions that are the right fit for your needs and instead do what you do best – focus on your Clients and quality services.


  • Ethnikis Antistasis 79, Katsikas,
    Ioannina, Zip: 45221 Greece
  • Phone: +30-26510-94333
  • Email:
  • info(at)qrpatrol(dot)com


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