New feature added: Face Verification!

As managers, have you ever thought if you would like to be able to verify exactly which guard is following each patrol and if it is indeed the expected one?

It is not uncommon to receive feedback from our clients that their guard is not the one who actually completes his patrols or that he sometimes shares his device with someone else who is following his shift, instead of him, without the manager being aware.

From now on, you have one more arrow in your quiver to combat this with the new Face Verification feature we just added to the QR-Patrol system.

What does this mean for you practically?

As you will discover, through this function, the whole verification process has been completely automated. Managers can save a lot of time (no need to manually communicate with the guard to confirm if the shift is followed by the right person). So, they can also be certain that the schedules are followed by the appropriate guards, therefore, ensuring compliance with any legal requirements, earning the client’s trust and providing high-quality security services.

For more info about the setup of the Face Verification tool, please check the Face Verification Guide.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact our support team at