Latest Security Trends for Educational Institutes!

Enhancing their security status becomes more and more important for Educational Institutes, in order to provide a safe environment for their students. Technology is a means to achieve this target and many Schools and Colleges today incorporate systems and applications to prevent danger and achieve crisis management.

We've gathered some of the latest security trends at an Educational Institute:

High-Tech Surveillance Systems

While many educational institutes use surveillance systems, this often includes outdated systems such as analogic cameras and thus limited capabilities. Thus many schools have started embracing newest, IP-enabled cameras with a much better quality of the recorded material and many more options to offer!

Mobile Applications for Crisis Management

Many universities have turned towards mobile applications in order to manage emergencies; this seems natural since the vast majority of the students own a smartphone, so the network is extended. Mobile apps are being used that allow intercommunication for the students and university staff, to report a threat and communicate under a safe environment. Some Institutions have even created their own applications, which enable their students to inform about an attack, send their location to their network and call for assistance!

Smart Wearables for Alerts

Another interesting trend is the one which incorporates smart wearables, like panic buttons. Students keep panic buttons on them and download the respective mobile app to their smartphones. When they face a dangerous situation and are in need to call for help, they simply press the panic button and the mobile app sends immediate notifications to inform the monitoring center so as immediate action will be taken.

To take it a step further, some applications even offer wearables (for example clips) that can detect when the person wearing them collapses, falls or slips (e.g. due to an unpredictable risk or hazard), and trigger automatic alerts! So the Monitoring Center can be alerted even if the person in danger does not have the time or ability to manually send out a SOS notification!

Enhancing Security Guards with Smart Guard Tour Systems

Guards patrolling is quite common measure to achieve a certain level of security on an Educational Institute; but old, traditional RFID systems are not good enough for urgent situations; this is why Colleges turn towards incorporating smart, real-time Guard Tour Systems, that allow Guards to quickly communicate an emergency and get assistance. The implementation of such system allows them to send a SOS alarm instantly, so the threat can be handled efficiently.

In addition, Real-time Guard Tour Systems provide accurate and thorough documentation about any occurred incident, thus enabling the Management to analyze data and gain information (for example detect dangerous patterns that need to be addressed) that can be proven crucial for enjoying higher reliability and safety level!

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