Terracom participated in the 2nd Technology Conference of Naftemporiki «Internet of Things: Evolution in Action»

Terracom participated in the 2nd Technology Conference of Naftemporiki «Internet of Things: Evolution in Action», which took place on Thursday 8 December 2016 at Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens.

The main subject of the conference was the requirements of IoT applications, the importance of Big Data Management, Data Security and the added value of IoT applications for businesses and enterprises. Internet of Things is an evolving trend and it is crucial to incorporate it thoroughly in social structures so as to reinforce economy and financial growth.

At the beginning of the conference, Mrs Valia Kaimaki, Consultant in the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information, mentioned the strong will of the Government to apply new IoT technology by establishing the Mnistry of Digital Policy. However, Mrs Kaimaki emphasized that Greece has delayed significantly in the adoption of new technologies and should add more effort towards this direction in the near future. Moreover, she analyzed the future plan of Broadband access, which includes projects above 400 million euros in broadband infrastructure across the country.

The main subject of the first section of the conference, under the title «Enterprise monetization strategies & Consumer experiences», was the possibilities and the application of Internet of Things with regard to the business field, changes already occurring, problems arising and potential solutions, such as the best management practices of enterprise resources via the Internet of Things.

Our company, Terracom Informatics, presented QR-Patrol PRO guard tour application, which incorporates Internet of Things Technology and offers maximum prevention in the physical security field. The application, which got a remarkably high ranking in Horizon 2020 funding programme, allows the real-time monitoring of officers’ location and adopts NFC, Bluetooth and Beacon technology as well as wearables and sensors.

In the second section of the conference, under the title «Infrastructure & data at scale», the speakers talked about the level of infrastructure, the necessary technology as far as software and hardware so as to adopt IoT and finally about the data security especially in cases of high data volume.

The Conference came to an end with a special section about startups and their necessary contribution to adoption of Internet of Things technology.

The main conclusion of the conference was that Internet of Things is evolving rapidly and changes the way people and businesses operate daily. It transforms economies globally via the enhancement of mobile and digital features of people and employees all over the world.

Here are videos from the presentation of the QR-Patrol PRO and the first panel discussion of the first section: