Terracom participated at 3rd IoT Conference in Athens

The wide range of Internet of Things technologies in more and more markets and industries, constantly creates new opportunities to accelerate the innovation output and meet the increasing demands of the consumers, while providing certain advantage against the competition, on national and international level. The number of “things” (that will be connected to the internet) is expected to reach 30 Billion until 2020.

The 3rd Internet of Things Conference was held on June 26th in Athens. It was the third consecutive conference of Boussias Communications and answered the most important questions that concerned the companies, which show a great interest to invest in the area of IoT.

Terracom, as an IoT Expert, had the honor during its speech titled “IoT in Lone worker and physical security industry”, to present the benefits of IoT and the way the company integrates these technologies into its products, specifically QR-Patrol PRO and MyLoneWorkers. During the conference Terracom presented for first time "Zastel", the smart IoT platform that it has developed, to the Greek audience. Zastel constitutes the foundation to create a great variety of IoT solutions (e.g. proximity marketing, indoors navigation system, solutions for smart cities).

Terracom has a lot of experience in the area of Internet of Things and is currently part of 2 Horizon projects on this matter: QR-Patrol Pro (one of the first IoT projects approved by the European Union) and symboleTe (1st open call).