Terracom attended at CPSE 2017 at Shenzhen, China

Terracom attended at CPSE 2017, the 16th China Public Security Expo at Shenzhen, from 29 Oct to 01 Nov 2017. CPSE is the largest exhibition in the world and the most influential exhibition in Asia and the only security exhibition in China that has been certified by BPA. CPSE, founded in 1989 in Shenzhen, having been successfully organized 15 sessions and served more than 9,700 security companies and 651,741 buyers.

At the same time, we met with two QR-Patrol partners, our USA partner Mr. Flavio Russowsky from ProxiGuard and our new Brazil partner Mr. Denis Frate from Grasp. We had the opportunity to discuss about sales issues in these two countries, gaining valuable knowledge from the partners’ experience in local markets. We also discussed about their marketing strategy in each country, pointing out to specific marketing channels and methods that will help their companies to grow within the next year.

At the last day in China, we finally met two of our IoT device suppliers for QR-Patrol, keeping in mind that QR-Patrol has evolving needs by means of beacon and IoT devices supply so as to develop advanced features for the guard tour management solutions.