Track and Trace potential Covid cases through QR-Patrol within your workplace

Why should a company use the QR-Patrol application during the current COVID-19 pandemic?

QR-Patrol is a cloud based, real time worker management system which can be used by any company that wants to receive real time information regarding to their sites, reducing or even preventing dangers related to their sites and employees.

The current pandemic led to a significant increase in demand for systematic and accurate monitoring capabilities of personnel presence and movements through company areas. We adapted QR-Patrol’s functionalities to meet these newly arisen needs of our customers so as to facilitate the identification, documentation and contact tracing procedures associated with a confirmed COVID-19 case among company staff and/or external visitors in the company premises.

As a result, QR-Patrol provides the contact tracing of COVID-19 cases through Proof of Presence and Visitor Management (via Incident Reporting capabilities).

So, except for the traditional usage of the QR-Patrol system, you can take advantage of this alternative use case as described below.

How does it work in practice?

Each building entrance is equipped with a unique QR code. All company personnel, having the “QR-Patrol” application installed on their Smartphone, scan the corresponding entrance QR code by using their mobile camera, registering their presence while entering the building.

When a staff member needs to move to a different company building, she/he scans the QR code that corresponds to the new area of his visit, registering her/his presence.

Moreover, when an external visitor needs to enter a company building, a company employee is responsible for registering the visit, using her/his own account (the visitor is assigned to the employee), by pressing the “Incident” button in the QR-Patrol application.

The aforementioned functionality provides a detailed overview and mapping of presence for each of the company’s staff and external visitors in all of the monitored premises.

What are the benefits of using QR-Patrol for contact tracing?

A company can utilize QR-Patrol to acquire an integrated and thorough overview (date, time, visited locations) of personnel movements in the company’s premises. This mapping capability provides quick and easy contact tracing, with validated presence points, during a COVID-19 case event, allowing management to undertake all necessary actions for the containment of the case (area sanitizations, employee quarantine measures, etc.) while informing the healthcare authorities.

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