Terracom participates in the Customer Service e-Conference 2021

Terracom participated in the 16th Hellenic Customer Service Summit by Boussias Communications. This year, the main theme of the Conference was to present the key trends in customer service for 2021 and to set the new standards of human experience, facing the huge changes in customer expectations. Most of the speakers emphasized on the fast and continuously changing paces that the globalized market is growing as well the need for the companies to be agile, resilient and innovative.

More specifically, the speakers analyzed how the "Customer Experience (CX)" in our days is converted to "Human Experience (HX)". This means that support and communication nowadays should focus more on the "Human" needs and not so much on the "Consumer" needs, always based on "Empathy". Behind every phone, screen or “Customer” there is always a Human. Very interesting was the part where AI (Artificial Intelligence) was proposed as a major tool for measurements. In particular, we’ve seen some real examples of how AI can contribute to upgrading the data sourcing by reading humans' emotions.

It was also understood that we move from "Multichannel" to "Omnichannel" Marketing strategies. So, Marketing is focusing now than ever before on Human needs leaving behind traditional Product centric promotions. We need to understand and gain focus on the Customer's Journey.

Finally, it analyzed what "CX Recovery" is and what are the ways to turn a bad customer experience into a GREAT one, always based on the triptych:: "Make it simple", "Be Consistent", "Prove you can deliver".

"It takes 30 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."