Hotel physical safety made easy

Hotels are tremendously difficult facilities to secure: They face a wide variety of threats that can cross sectors and borders, and management has to ensure protection of their customers, staff and facility while being open to the public on a 24/7 basis; at the same time, they need to maintain a pleasant environment for their customers.

Some of you contract external security companies to perform security surveillance and patrols on the Hotel premises, while others have your own security team that handles it.

Either way, how can you have peace of mind that you’re protected ?


Apart from installing some video surveillance solution, physical checks via guards patrols must be made constantly, as the most important security asset is human intelligence: guards can detect threats better than any camera and act on minimizing risk.

Modern Technology has brought a big change in the way patrols are being managed and monitored, and investing on a Real-time Guard Tour System can be of great help for achieving your goal and reinforcing safety.

QR-Patrol Guard Tour System

Hotel physical safety made easy

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QR-Patrol Guard Tour System is the smart choice to make if you're looking for an intelligent and powerful system to gain:

Accountability / Simplicity

The implementation of QR-Patrol allows the security team to organize their work within one platform to eliminate complicated tasks and save cost.

What’s in it for you? Advanced customized reports provide full transparency of the security team’s work.

Guards protection

At the same time, guards protection is enhanced as they can make use of SOS alerts to instantly inform about threats. QR-Patrol even offers man-down clips that can detect when a Guard falls/slips due to a threat and send instant, automatic alarms!

Guards protection


More or less, every hotel implements some type of security patrols software; many have chosen traditional solutions that simply… get (some) work done. But you should aim big: choose a solution that is designed to grow with you.

Traditional solutions have many limitations and being in control is a real pain; QR-Patrol is easily scalable and provides total control via remote 24/7 login and powerful reports for the management.

Peace of mind! 24/7 check

By asking your security provider (internal team or external company) to implement QR-Patrol, you can have access to QR-Patrol platform (i.e. as end client) and check in real-time, 24/7, the patrols being made on your premises!

Intrigued / wish to get started? Contact us and our team will show you how to benefit from QR-Patrol!

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