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21 Sep

NFC or QR-codes? What are the advantages of each one?


In this article we present to you the advantages and disadvantages of both NFC tags and QR-codes, in order to help you choose the best fit for your company!

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Replace security guard equipment with an online mobile patrol monitoring system


Focusing on security market and especially on guard tour services and solutions, Internet explosion brought a big change in the way security companies manage their assets and territories as well as the way clients get informed about services provided to them.

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The 8 must-have items of a security guard equipment


Security guards are required to carry lots of gear in order to keep themselves and the properties they are protecting safe. We have gathered for you the Top 8 must-have equipment for every Security Guard.


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Guard Tour systems


Guard tour systems help companies and clients to monitor their guards activities in several daily tasks, such as buildings, assets and equipment protection. The system certifies that the guards have passed from the specific checkpoint in the predefined time and have sent incidents reports describing  the situation or any risk they came up with.

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Είμαστε μια καινοτόμος εταιρεία πληροφορικής με έδρα την πόλη των Ιωαννίνων στη Βορειοδυτική Ελλάδα.

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