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1. What happens if my staff fails to follow a schedule?

In this case, the managers will receive an automated report via email, informing them about the missed schedule/checkpoints. You can also export a Schedule Report whenever you want, to check the status of your active or past schedules.

2. How do I login with a different Guard ID on my smartphone?*

Open the menu by pressing on the top left menu button and logout – the app will redirect you to the login screen where you can enter your new Guard ID & PIN.

3. Is there any way to increase the accuracy of the live tracking?

Of course – you can customize your Guard’s accuracy settings from their settings page on the web application (Company>>Guards). By editing the “Accuracy “settings (under “Location”), you will define the ideal accuracy of GPS tracking, i.e. the accuracy that the system will try to achieve. Please note that the actual accuracy is retrieved from the Guard's device, i.e. it is device dependent.

4. Is there any way to increase the refresh rate on the live track?

Yes; you can customize your Guard’s location retrieval settings from their settings page on the web application (Company>>Guards) by editing the "Watch timeout which is the period of time that the app will wait to get the GPS signal before retrying, and which can be set at 30 seconds up to 3 minutes. "Check interval" option refers to the duration of time that will pass until the application will start searching again for the guard’s location. It can be set at 30 seconds up to 30 minutes.

For more information about QR-Patrol’s features and functionalities, you can consult our Web and Mobile Application or our Video Tutorials.

* Applicable for the New Mobile Application
There is a different process that needs to be followed in case you are using the old mobile application (you can contact us at support(at)qrpatrol(dot)com for more information), however we strongly suggest to switch to the new one as the old is no longer supported.

Check our all-inclusive Support & Startup Training packages here,
or contact support@qrpatrol.com for a free consultation on the right package for your company.


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