7+1 Essential Security Guards Tasks

If you are the owner of a Security Company, you may be wondering what the main duties and responsibilities of a Security Guard are. What does a Security Guard do? Should you hire them to monitor CCTV or to physically protect your premises? Is there any additional training required and what should you look for in their personality before hiring them?

Well, we’ve got you covered! In this article we are going to go through the 7+1 essential Security Guard tasks.

1) Patrol the premises and/or attend call-outs

The main task of a Security Guard is to patrol premises, either on foot or by vehicle. This is one of the most important and sometimes one of the most dangerous duties of a Security Professional, hence they should be provided with the right tools and equipment to deal with such situations.

Security Guards must also respond to incidents, answer alarms and investigate disturbances. They need to conduct security checks over a specified area and be alert at all times to detect and respond to any potential hazards or risks to security. Anything from a spill to a tampered door lock should be on their radar.

2) Control Entries and Exits

In some cases, Security Guards are required to control the entries and exits of a building, by allowing or denying entrance when needed. They will also have to keep an eye on who visited the building, how long he/she stayed there and keep a log book with this information. Other times they will need to be observant and aware of their surroundings in order to acquire necessary information.

In both cases though, accurate reports should be written so that Managers can later review them and use the information provided in these reports as needed. Those reports should be comprehensive and outline what they observed while on patrol and what happened during their shift.

3) Monitor CCTV and/or Alarm Systems

Monitoring Closed Circuit TV is as important as it is difficult. For that reason, the personnel must always be vigilant as well as recognize and report any suspicious behavior by calling the respective authorities or informing their Managers.

4) Provide information, instructions and directions in emergency situations

Security guards are not only there to keep you safe, but also to assist and instruct you on what your next steps should be in case of an emergency.

5) Maintain Order and Control Crowd

Consequently, order must be maintained and the crowd should be controlled in such cases; this is a key-task, as people should remain calm and follow instructions in order to avoid possible injuries.

A guard must be able to communicate with the public to maintain security and safety. For example, he/she may need to offer assurance to people in distress, verbally enforce rules, and provide directional guidance to customers in large buildings.

6) Perform First Aid or CPR

In case of an emergency, your personnel should be alert and ready to offer First Aid and CPR. Therefore, First Aid training is a must for all security professionals and especially for Security Guards.

7) Detain criminal violators

If a Security Guard suspects that a person is about to endanger the public or themselves and/or commit a crime, they must inform the Police and detain the suspect until they arrive.

8) Call for help when needed

The last and most undervalued task is the one that requires the Security Guards to call for help when needed. In an emergency, guards may call for assistance from the police, fire, or ambulance services.

Most importantly, Security Guards should remain calm at all times and alert the respective authorities straight away because in urgent situations every second counts!

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