3 proven ways to deliver the best results to your clients

The core of every wealthy and successful Security Company is their customers satisfaction;

Your guards have to perform efficient patrols on their premises, and your clients need to have piece of mind: that means that they need to be ensured that their assets are being safeguarded, and informed of any Incident that takes place on their premises. 

So how can you deliver the best results towards your Clients?

We've gathered some of the most useful tips and best practices to achieve this:

1. Efficient in-advance planning 

Before anything, you have to plan your work efficiently; this includes setting-up the correct schedules for your Guards to follow. Additionally, it is important that you place the right number of checkpoints to the right places, so that you cover all areas and have your guards patrol in the most effective way. 

Guard tour systems offer a consistent solution for structuring a plan and eventually setting-up comprehensive schedules for your Security Officers. 

2. Guarantee your Officers performance

Performing regular patrols to your clients premises is not enough; you need to also have them ensured that you are perfoming your work correctly, and dissipate any doubt regarding patrols. Using a modern real-time Guard Tour System enables you to prove your work towards your clients: 

QR-Patrol allows you to provide your clients with their own credentials, so that they login and monitor all the relevant to their assets actions of your guards, 24/7! Allowing your clients to check in real-time your guards patrols on their premises is the best proof that you are offering them professional services!

3. Instant Incident Reporting

Part of your responsibilities is to inform the client of any incident that has taken place on their premises; Modern technology has changed the way you can communicate incidents to your customers - smart guard tour systems ensure real-time data delivery, so your clients can be instantly and automatically informed of any issue!


By now it should be clear that using a real-time Guard Tour System is a true investment and necessity for building recognition for your company and gaining your customers trust!

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