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1. What is QR-Patrol?

QR-Patrol is a real-time online guard tour system based on NFC, Beacon and QR-code checkpoints use.

The staff scans checkpoints placed on locations and assets and the Monitoring Center gets informed in real-time about any Incidents and events. Every time a checkpoint is scanned, the information is sent to the QR-Patrol Web application via a cloud server and the staff can take immediate control on buildings and locations all over the world.

2. What does QR-Patrol mean?

Quick Response Patrol.

3. How secure is QR-Patrol?

Every necessary measure has been taken in order to ensure the safety of the system and our customers' data. You can check QR-Patrol’s architecture and some more information on how we protect your data here. In addition we are fully compliant to EU’s GDPR regulation.

4. Can I test for free?

Of course, you can test it by accessing our Free Test here. If you want a more personalized experience, you can contact us at info(at)qrpatrol(dot)com to create a free dedicated demo account for your company.

5. Is QR-Patrol available in my region?

QR-Patrol is a real-time cloud based guard tour monitoring system so it is available worldwide.

6. What are the minimum device specifications in order to use QR-Patrol?

QR-Patrol is compatible with almost every device (Android, iPhone/iPad).
We'd suggest though the following minimum specs, in order for you to have the optimum functionality:

a) for Android:
- Android version 5.0 and above
- For fingerprint functionality Android version 6.0 and above

b) for iOS:
- iOS version 11 and above

Keep in mind that not all devices support the NFC feature.
If you wish to use Beacons as well, the device should support BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

7. What type of checkpoints can be used?

With QR-Patrol you can use QR-Codes, NFC tags and Beacons as checkpoints; you can check their differences here to find out what’s the most suitable for you.

8. What is the maximum number of checkpoints QR-Patrol supports?

You can have an unlimited number of checkpoints in your account!

9. Is the installation of the system complicated?

The web application does not require installation as it is cloud based – you only need your set of credentials to login.

As for the mobile application, all you have to do is download it from your marketplace (PlayStore or AppStore), enter your Guard ID & PIN and get started!

10. Can I prevent my guards from copying checkpoints and "cheating" the system?

"Cheating" is not an easy thing to do; every time your employees send an event, their position (acquired by GPS, WiFi and GSM cell antennas) and respective time-stamp is also included, so you will be able to spot where they are.

There are more ways to ensure you get accurate results: you can use different kinds of checkpoints (like Beacons which can be placed in unreachable areas) or make use of the Geofence feature which instantly highlights a checkpoint that was scanned out of range.

For more information about QR-Patrol’s features and functionalities, you can consult our Web and Mobile Application or our Video Tutorials.


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