QR-Patrol by Industry – Explore 5 different sectors the software can be the perfect tool for

About us

QR-Patrol is a cloud based, real time worker management system and it can be used for global worker tour management and communication by any company that wants to receive real time information.

I know that the 1st thing you think about is that implementing a software to different sectors can be tricky, time consuming and complex sometimes but I’m sure you’ll find the software simple and flexible enough for such goals.

Further down, I’ll show you the reasons and the benefits of implementing QR-Patrol software in 5 different sectors, in different use scenarios and how to make the most out of it. I can’t avoid saying that we’re really proud of our software’s simplicity and hope to share the same thoughts with you too.

Setting up, receiving information in real time, gathering data, managing them and turn them into insights could be pretty challenging sometimes. It’s for sure, an everyday bet, for businesses such as:

  •  Security Services providers
  •  Corporate Security
  •  Hospitality
  •  Facilities Management & Cleaning
  •  Critical Infrastructure

So let’s explore them one by one:

Security Services providers

Our thoughts will meet here if you’re a Security manager. Security providers operate in a very competitive market where they’re called to prove their quality every day. At the same time, despite the fact that we’re talking about B2B services, tey’re all individual users in the end of the day , so they rely on technology for other parts of their routines and so they demand the same for their Security. Technology brings transparency and trust, composing the first step to forge long lasting business relationships between the Security provider and the end user. Increase of end-user satisfaction and confidence equals increased business.

5 features for the way:

  • 1  Proof of presence
  • 2  Scheduled work
  • 3  Scheduled reports
  • 4  Client access
  • 5  Real – time incident notifications

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Corporate Security

Locating and fixing empty spots and pain points, of internal everyday operations quickly, like really quickly would be perfect. Corporate Security teams trust our cloud technology to optimize internal operations and constantly improve security and compliance workflows. Risk can be frightening but mitigation is at the core of their attention. Part of their routines:

  •  Always search to identify and locate pain points
  •  Evaluate the current situations and improve it
  •  Eliminate threat patterns that pose risk to the business

Quick and adequate distribution of information towards all stakeholders is of paramount importance for strategy alignment and optimal decision making.

Functionalities that fit in in such cases:

  •  Business Intelligence Tool
  •  Mobile forms for instant reporting
  •  Real time incident notifications
  •  Proof of presence
  •  API

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Hospitality is probably one of the most complex industries with multi-level operations where attention to detail is a necessity. Hospitality stakeholders, users and customer are highly technology related and that makes an even more challenging and exacting environment. As a result, or more accurately as a cause leading to result situation, providing a safe environment for the guests is the cornerstone of Customer Experience. The software applies to multiple levels of the hotel business, from Fire & Security routes to Engineering and Housekeeping workflows, providing a single, cost-effective platform to manage them all and create synergies.

Our solution empowers hotel managers to automate daily routines and channel resources where it matters the most. They can obtain real-time information about issues and resolve them before they become noticeable. They can perform audits easier than ever and use data for decision making both at the operational and corporate level.

Features suitable for Hospitality sector:

  •  Proof of presence and task completion
  •  Mobile forms for instant reporting
  •  Real – time incident management
  •  Schedules for efficient task management

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Facilities Management & Cleaning

Technology can be and it should be applied everywhere to solve our problems and boost our confidence of achieving our goals. Fast changes can be noticed in FM & Cleaning industry.

As referred before, the demand for technology smooth solutions, by end-users can only be achieved through the digitization. Objective proof or presence, planned or unplanned inspections and incident management are key elements to successful service delivery. A 2nd but yet crucial part of every business nowadays is the Health & Safety of lone workers, which is also taken really seriously by modern service providers, securing

Functionalities that fit in such cases:

  •  Proof of presence & task completion
  •  SOS Functionalities
  •  Mobile forms for instant reporting
  •  Real – time incident management
  •  Schedules for efficient task management

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Critical Infrastructure

Last but not least, this could be the most challenging sector to cover and even more when it comes to innovation, technology and soft wares. We’re supposed to learn from these people.

Organizations in Aviation, Maritime, Energy and other critical environments must and will ensure that nothing is left to chance, as they have non-existent margins for error.

  •  Risk mitigation
  •  Proactive actions
  •  Quick escalation of potentials hazards

Performance indicators need to be monitored constantly and corrective actions need to be taken to ensure high operational standards.

Functionalities suitable for such cases:

  •  Business Intelligence
  •  API
  •  Mobile forms for instant reporting
  •  Real – time incident notifications
  •  Proof of presence

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You may find more information about the industries where QR-Patrol software can be applied by paying a visit to our Industries tab.