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Add value to your security guard services

Simplify guard tour inspections via cloud and smartphone technology






Start a Security Patrol Tour

You can now start a new patrol by the simple press of a button. Guard tour accomplishment is now easier than ever via your smartphone.

Just get on the place, launch QR-Patrol mobile app and Start a patrol tour. At the same moment, an alarm event is sent to the QR-Patrol web application via a cloud server, indicating that a new patrol has just launched.





Add Multimedia files

You can not only send events but also communicate with the managing staff via multimedia interaction, including:

  • Text messages
  • Images captured at the moment of patrolling
  • Audio messages

All of the messages include signature validation to claim legal processes and extinguish ambiguity for guard's activities.






Security Guard Incident Reports

When a guard comes up with an urgent situation, he can send an immediate SOS alert to the monitoring center pressing the red SOS button. In addittion, he can choose between a list of predefined incidents to send, such as:

  • A broken front door
  • Missing keys
  • Open Lights
  • Broken windows, etc.


Easy guard tours via mobile

An ideal solution for security guards


Handy daylife tool



No extra equipment



Send events in real-time



Prove reliability



administrator of QR-Patrol

No more time loss



Smart way of patrolling



Quick and easy process




Real-time SOS alerts




Test QR-Patrol mobile application for free

Relieve security guards' daily life from time-consuming tasks

QR-Patrol mobile application



A security guard checkpoint system

It could never be more simple and real-time!

Just pass from the buildings where checkpoints are placed (QRcode, Beacons or NFC tags), scan QR codes,  pass the smartphone above NFC or scan Beacons from distance and a patrol event will be visible in the QR-Patrol web application in real-time. It simply means:

  • Higher security level for both security guards and assets, as the managing staff is now aware of guard's position and can take immediate action in a case of alert
  • No need for special security guard equipment (only a smartphone!)
  • High reliability towards clients, as they can receive real-time email alerts when their buildings/assets are checked by security officers.



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