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Get started


To get started with QR-Patrol system, download firstly the mobile application from Google Store or Appstore.



Secondly, launch the web application in your browser:

From now and on , you are ready to get into QR-Patrol world and manage remotely your guard tours, monitor your security officers and gain full control over your assets worldwide! To take a step by step tour and learn everything about QR-Patrol system, we recommend to download our detailed mobile and web application user guides, from the following links:


QR-Patrol Web application User Guide



Download Web app User Guide

QR-Patrol New Mobile application User Guide



Download New Mobile APP User Guide



QR-Patrol Old App User Guide



Download the Guide

QR-Patrol Schedules Management Guide



Download Schedules Management Guide



QR-Patrol M.A.R.S User Guide



Download QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. User Guide

QR-PTT User Guide



Download QR-PTT User Guide



QR-Patrol Forms Guide



Download the Guide

QR-Patrol External BLE SOS Button Guide



Download the Guide



QR-Patrol Indoor Location Guide



Download the Guide

QR-Patrol Automated Schedules User Guide



Download Automated Schedules Guide