5 reasons for Hotels to move on to Remote Monitoring Services

Hotels could not be unaffected by the changes, the whole globalized market is already facing and the more it is about to face in the future.

Hospitality may be one of the most complex industries including multi-level operational needs where the detail becomes necessity. High quality and performing services could not be delivered without quick adaption of technology, been implemented in hotel’s managers’ routines. Nowadays, it is fact that hospitality stakeholders, users and customer are highly technology related which creates the need, as a cause, leading hotels to strive to provide a safe environment for both their guests and employees.

Hospitality is indisputably one of the sectors most affected by pandemic. Hotel managers were hard hit as they were watching their rooms left largely unbooked. Fortunately, everything shows that societies are already on their first steps, getting back to normality, so as Hospitality.

Lessons learned

As referred above, the new market needs and demands are all starting from the individual user, as the pandemic, could be called as a social crisis as well, consists a cause and result relation, leading many people to demand improved safety, health and security conditions and environments. Here comes technology. Technology advanced security solution, providing a smooth, automated workforce management is a part of being competitive nowadays. SaaS (Softwares as a Services) can compose great tools for hotel managers in multiple applications such as security, issue management, workforce shifts facilities management, cleaning and inspections.

Technology has its pace and all we have to do is, at least, to try to keep up with it.

Saas – Cloud solution

A workforce management software could be the answer to the ongoing try for adaption after pandemic. It applies to multiple levels of the hotel business, from Fire & Security routes to Engineering and Housekeeping workflows, providing a single, cost-effective platform to manage them all and create synergies.

A SaaS, cloud based system can be a very effective and strategic tool for hotels:

  •  It empowers hotel managers to automate daily routines and channel resources
  •  It provides to both the employees and the guests to feel like there’re in a safe environment and act accordingly.
  •  It can give the hotel operators and their onsite teams the intelligence they need to upgrade their services’ quality.
  •  The managers have a full visibility on their responsibilities and operations, being able to evaluate the current situation, detect any pain points and eliminate threat patterns that could pose risk to the business.
  •  Last but not least, it can compose a great tool for data gathering in terms of reporting for decision making and audit purposes – needs.

The manager can take advantage of the software’s flexibility and setup the different locations – spots need to be checked and monitored, digitally and physically placed. Once the setup is ready the software offers various functionalities and automations composing a great tool for real time data management and data gathering, in multiple types of reports (by site, by incident etc.). Due to its cloud nature, there’s nothing that cannot be undone and be lost. The data are there and the manager can easily recall what happened in the past for audit purposes, thus being fully transparent to his/hers colleagues.

Our solution empowers hotel managers to obtain real time information about issues and resolve them before they become noticeable. They can perform audits easier than ever and use data for decision making both at the operational and corporate level.

QR-Patrol and Myloneworkers workforce management software, of course, can be applied to multiple cases such as:

  •  Security
  •  Facilities Management & Cleaning
  •  Engineering – Maintenance

You may go through a smooth, digital monitoring experience using our workforce management system along with the necessary success guidance, based on our experience in the hospitality sector. Now more than ever, we march on an unpaved, challenging, yet creative way. It may be easier to keep up with technology’s pace after all.

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Written by Michael Parmazis