Black Friday Offer - Up to 30% Lifetime Discount on All PRO Plans!


Yes, it is a unique chance to buy any QR-Patrol PRO Plan with a lifetime 20% discount!

We are announcing this big Black Friday deal for both new users and existing clients who would like to upgrade to a QR-Patrol PRO plan now and get advantage of the FULL PRO functionality of the software!

What will you get

For QR-Patrol users, upgrading to a PRO Plan is crucial, offering a bunch of advanced features, such as:

  • QR-Patrol M.A.R.S. application, to enable mobile guard tour monitoring and management just from anywhere
  • QR-PTT application so as to help guards and security officers interact immediately with each other, reducing communication costs
  • Man Down Functionality, to automate guards' protection in urgent situations
  • API interface, to connect QR-Patrol to third party applications
  • External BLE SOS button Functionality, to further enhance your guards' security level
  • Mobile Forms Integration, for Managers to send instructions, ask questions to the guards or even let them fill-in extra information

How much will you save?

So, buying or upgrading to a QR-Patrol PRO plan, you will acquire the most integrated guard tour management solution available in the market! You can now get a QR-Patrol PRO monthly plan by saving up to $71 per month!


You can also get advantage of our QR-Patrol PRO Annual Plans, which have a 10% lifetime discount and add the BLACK FRIDAY offer, so as to benefit from a total 30% discount in any QR-Patrol PRO Annual Plan!!

When should you buy?

The offer will be available on Friday 24 November 2017 and will be active just for 3 days, until Sunday 26 November 2017. So, hurry on! It's an one-time chance to get a LIFETIME discount for the full version of QR-Patrol PRO!

How will you buy?

You can get advantage of our unique Black Friday offer, by just choose a QR-Patrol PRO plan here: QR-Patrol Pricing and choose a QR-Patrol PRO monthly or annual plan. Click on "Buy Now" button and use the following coupon code to gain an extra 20% discount!

Then, proceed so as to complete the checkout and you will be subscribed to a QR-Patrol PRO plan with a LIFETIME discount!