External Panic button feature is now available!

One of the major concerns of any security company is to ensure guards’ safety and protect them against dangerous situations by responding instantly to urgent alerts.

QR-Patrol ensures protection of Guards through many ways, including the SOS button existing internally in the mobile app, as well as Man Down functionality.

Driven by our valued customers requests, we have worked to incorporate another alternative: an external panic button that the Guards can carry along, to further enhance their protection!

The external panic button is connected to the Guard smartphone that is used to perform their patrol (through QR-Patrol mobile application);

When facing an urgent or dangerous situation and even if the Guard doesn't have the time or capability to use their smartphone, all they need to do is simply press the external panic button, and the system instantly triggers a SOS alert such as to inform the Monitoring Center of the urgent situation to take action!

Note: The External Panic Button feature is available only for PRO & GOLD accounts!

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QR-Patrol team