The new and improved Forms Feature!

Our Forms feature is one of the most useful and important tools that the QR-Patrol system has to offer. And it now comes with a new element: images!

But first, let us explain what the Forms Feature is:

Forms can be used to send instructions to your employees, ask them questions, or even let them freely fill in any comments or information they want to share with the monitoring center!

All you have to do is create the form(s) of your choice (fully customizable!) using the user-friendly interface on the Web application, and assign the form to one or more checkpoints: every time the checkpoint is scanned, the form will appear in order to be filled by the guard!

The new element we added to improve the use of the forms is that you can now insert images to them. The image can be used to explain something in more detail, show something specific to your guards and make their work easier.

For example, if you are asking your guards to check a lock at a checkpoint, you can also insert a photo of that specific lock as a reference to help them find it easier. Or maybe they need to keep an eye out for a specific person that may lurk in this area and you can add a photo of him/her to help them identify that person.

This new addition to the Forms feature will make your Guards’ patrol so much easier and we hope you will find it useful.

Read our User Guide to learn everything you need to know about how to use Forms!