QR-Patrol empowers you to fully manage your patrol operations from the safety of your home!

The world is going through unprecedented times with prolonged lockdown measures put in place. Inevitably, this affects the way we conduct business too.

So, systems that are flexible and can be managed remotely are needed more than ever.

We provide the no1 easy-to-adopt/easy-to-manage software as a Service tool, meaning no need for additional IT infrastructure and long deployment times.

Specifically, with QR-Patrol you can:

  • Purchase the complete package from the comfort of your home
  • Completely configure the system remotely (print the QR-Codes on your own or deploy Virtual Checkpoints)
  • Monitor your patrols in real-time from your PC or Tablet/Mobile (with QR-Patrol MARS app) from anywhere
  • Give (read only) real-time access to your clients to monitor their own sites and minimize the need for continuous reporting
  • Schedule reports to be sent to your clients regularly and be proactive about argument management and save time
  • Ensure the maximum safety of your workers on the field (through multiple Safety features)

Contact us at info@qrpatrol.com to arrange for a 15-minute call with one of our consultants to discuss how you can assist your business with QR-Patrol or request a demo account.