New QR-Patrol features

Exciting news about QR-Patrol. New, unique features enhance the application interface and offer new advanced user experience.

1. Advanced Web App runs as Stand Alone with SSL support, with increased performance.

2. Added new functionality for adding and editing company users (CompanyUsers) that would have the ability to receive e-mail and SMS (see here for bulk and web sms sending) alerts. Ability to add, edit and delete the user data. Adding an e-mail to a user and checking the Receive e-mail Alerts option, the user would receive alert e-mails when a company guard sends a SOS signal from the mobile application.

3. Added new functionality for viewing and partially edit the company guard’s data (Company Guards). You can edit guard’s name and pin and you have the ability to export the company guard’s data to Excel.

4. Added new functionality for viewing and partially edit the company check points (Company Check Points). You can edit the point alias, client site code, etc.

Editing a point’s data gives you the ability to copy the checkpoint’s code, so as you can use it to some other action you may wish to do. Finally there is the ability to export the checkpoints data to Excel.

5. Added new functionality that you may add some instructions, filling in the Point Notes field, so that the guard can receive them at the mobile application, and read some extra actions that must do, when checking a particular check point. Those instructions could be viewed through the Schedule of the mobile app and automatically after scanning a QR code that has such notes assigned.

6. Added new functionality to company clients (Clients Clients List), that filling in a valid e-mail address and checking the Incident Report by Email, the client will gain the ability to receive automatic incident report to the specified e-mail, when a guard reports an incident at a client’s check point, from the mobile application.

7. All the data from the e-mail send from the application (alert, faulty schedules, incidents), are being kept in database for future reference.

8. Added the company details to the header of each application report.

9. The report previews are opening in a new browser’s window/tab without the need of saving them first locally.