New upcoming Application features!

Driven by our passion for innovation and by your valued feedback, we have been working hard to incorporate new characteristics to QR-Patrol and improve current ones, in order to increase its usability and your satisfaction!

The new version of the web application offers a totally renewed way to manage your Routes! A totally different interface is available, that provides you a great number of advanced options!

The upcoming mobile version will not only support the new schedules, but also beacon technology! From now on you will be able to detect and scan beacons as checkpoints, apart from QR-Codes and NFC tags!

What's more, you will be able to preview our next great feature to come, man-down, for making your Guards feel more secure than ever! This feature will automatically alert your monitoring center once a Guard is in state of emergency, without requiring any action from the Guard!

The mobile application settings have been moved to the web application, giving managers the total control!

And there's more! You will now have two separate indications on the mobile application Home Screen, one for active/inactive internet connection and one for sent/unsent events, in order for the Guard to easily distinguish any relative issues he is facing!

We've also made various changes to increase the system stability and reliability, as well as to reduce your battery and data consumption!

So stay tuned for our new version, we hope that you enjoy it!

The QR-Patrol team