Notifications tool to send updates to your clients

The Notifications tool - found on the top menu of your partner’s account - is a great way to deliver news & updates to your clients, give them best usage tips, or inform them about any promotions or offers.

You can add a new notification by following the below steps:

  •  Press the “Add new notification” button
  •  On the pop-up panel, add a title on the “Notification title” field – this is what your clients will see on their notifications when they login to their account, so be short and concise!
  •  Add your message on the “Notification message” field – the details regarding the information you want to share with them. Note that this field is an HTML editor, so you can add buttons, hyperlinks and images among others.
  •  Save your notification as a template by pressing the “Save template” button – this is an optional step that will save an editable copy of the notification you have created for future use.
  •  Select the companies you want to send the notification to from the “Select companies” panel and press “Send”.

Tip: You can “Preview as HTML” your notification by pressing on the respective button and also send it to one of your test/demo companies to see what it looks like before sending it to your clients.


That’s it! feel free to reach out to us ( if you need any HTML templates to use for your notifications, or need any assistance with using it.