QR-Patrol - A security guard tour monitoring software

You already know that QR-Patrol is the smartest cloud guard tour system, but do you know why we stand out from our competitors?

Compared to companies that don't use any kind of system:

QR-Patrol is a guard tour system that will benefit companies and officers introducing all the major advantages of using technology in their daily work. This means that companies could relieve officers from daily time-consuming processes such as filling paper reports and making repetitive phone calls which provoke confusion and misunderstandings.
Such systems help companies and clients to monitor their guards, and know at any time if tasks assigned to them are accomplished.
Security guard tour systems ensure high reliability status and safety level and supply proved documentation about any occurred incident, so that each company would be able to increase its efficiency, its productivity and reliability towards both clients and staff.
Using a guard tour system, companies can maintain historical data about any information, such as tours and any kind of incident.



Compared to companies that use offline systems:

Off-line systems are widely used today, but they bear specific disadvantages:
Need constantly to be backed up.
Server maintenance has to take place in regular periods of time, hence there is an extra infrastructure cost.
Managers have restricted control over their guards, and they have trust their guards' reliability.
The benefits of updating the system and adding new features that make the system friendlier to the client are absent. (Additional upgrade cost)
Guard tours and patrols cannot be managed in real-time by any place all over the world.



Compared to companies that use similar products (online systems), QR-Patrol has the following pros:

There is no need of purchasing any extra devices, as the users can use the smartphone (Android, iOS or BlackBerry device) they already own.
There are no extra fees, such as license ones. Customers only have to pay for a monthly subscription.
The application can be downloaded directly from the PlayStore or the AppStore for free.
Web application is also free and on-line, so they don't have to download and install anything.
Interaction among administrators and guards is live and free, as long as there is an internet connection, so they don't have to waste time and money to get in touch with one another.
We are constantly upgrading the product and add new features.
The simplicity of the application makes training less time-consuming.