QR-Patrol software improvements

We believe that our clients deserve nothing less than service of the highest quality.

That's why our dedicated team is constantly improving QR-Patrol in order to provide the best experience for you!

Take a look at the great improvements we made, so you can make the most out of our innovative Cloud Guard Tour System!


- In Events Browser a details dialog (pop up) can be seen for every type of events  by double-clicking each event or pressing View Details (previously was available only for MME/START/TEST/FINISH).


- Added Checkpoint ID column in Manage Points Dialog of Client's Site and in Manage Points Dialog of Scheduled Routes for easier searching and organizing of Checkpoints.


- Improved SearchFields' functionality across the Application (ability to search columns of interest through a single SearchField)


- Removed Refresh Button In Scheduled Routes Container. Selecting a date will automatically update Schedules.


For any further information, the QR-Patrol team is always at your disposal.