QR-Patrol web application User Guide - New Release!

QR-Patrol team is happy to announce the new and totally updated QR-Patrol mobile application User Guide, designed to engage clients in QR-Patrol functionality and multiple features. By reading the guide, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • - Sign Up / Log in to QR-Patrol web application.
  • - Get an instant explanation of the Dashboard and basic Navigation menu.
  • - Add, edit and remove data regarding your Company (Info, Offices, Users, Guards, etc.)
  • - Assign checkpoints to each client site.
  • - Manage incidents and incidents reports.
  • - Manage checkpoints, edit and remove.
  • - Create and manage scheduled guard routes.
  • - Export advanced filtered reports
  • - Change basic settings.
  • - Solve common problems.


Download now the new QR-Patrol mobile application User Guide now:

Web application User Guide