QR-Patrol is among the 20 projects that will be presented at EIC Summit 2022

It’s with pleasure to announce that QR-Patrol is among the 20 projects funded by the European Innovation Council under different programmes and schemes, that will be presented at EIC Summit 2022. The event will take place on 7-8 December 2022 in Brussels.

In 2014, Terracom introduced to the global market QR-Patrol, a unique real-time guard tour monitoring system. QR-Patrol is a workforce management system with a focus on physical patrol monitoring. It optimizes operations related to objective proof of presence, patrol completion, inspections, incident reporting and personal safety. It empowers people to become the company’s eyes and ears on the field and manage risk in real time.

QR-Patrol is tailormade for companies’ active on physical security or companies that employ lone workers. Any company that is in need of managing patrols organize tours, wants to verify that its assets are being checked, and most importantly be ensured that their staff is safe is a potential customer of acquiring it. The company possesses a high level of Internet of Things (IoT) expertise. QR-Patrol is the first Real-Time guard & patrol management system that has incorporated IoT to automate many of the routine procedures followed by employees. The many advancements that IoT functionality offered to the system resulted in the product obtaining a major core competence.

Incorporating QR-Patrol in a company’s operations is radically enhancing the productivity of employees as it simplifies and accelerates the process of monitoring, supervising, and communication. Managers in control can assess if guards are following their patrols as they are supposed to and at the right time, identify misbehaviors and get fully-informed about occurred incidents.

The fact that the whole implementation is based on cloud and mobile infrastructure allows for operations not only to be managed in real-time but to do so with no upfront installation costs. QR-Patrol is currently the fastest-growing Real-time Tour Management system in the market. In a few years’ time has acquired more than 1100 customers in 89 countries and has established a network of resellers in 32 of them.

EIC Summit 2022 will offer a unique opportunity to network.