Revolutionizing Security and Workforce Management: QR-Patrol and Workeen Take Center Stage at Intersec Exhibition in Dubai

Companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance security and streamline workforce management. As a testament to this commitment, QR-Patrol is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Intersec exhibition in Dubai this January. This prestigious event provides an excellent platform for industry leaders to showcase cutting-edge products and services, and we are set to shine with our flagship product, QR-Patrol, alongside the unveiling of its latest breakthrough, Workeen.

QR-Patrol: Transforming Security Operations

QR-Patrol has established itself as a frontrunner in the realm of security solutions. The system leverages the power of QR codes to revolutionize the way security operations are conducted. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, QR-Patrol offers a comprehensive solution for managing security personnel, tracking patrols, and ensuring the safety of premises.

Key Features of QR-Patrol:

  • 1  Real-time Patrol Monitoring: QR-Patrol allows businesses to monitor security patrols in real-time, providing instant insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of security personnel. This ensures a swift response to any security incidents.
  • 2  4-Types of Checkpoints: The system enables the creation of customizable checkpoints, allowing for a tailored approach to security management based on the specific needs of each client or location.
  • 3  Incident Reporting and Documentation: Security personnel can report incidents directly through the QR-Patrol app, complete with timestamps and multimedia. This feature enhances transparency and accountability in security operations.
  • 4  Historical Data Analysis: QR-Patrol stores historical patrol data, enabling businesses to analyze trends, identify potential vulnerabilities, and make informed decisions to enhance overall security measures.

Workeen: Redefining Shift Management

Building on the success of QR-Patrol, we are excited to introduce Workeen, out latest innovation in workforce management. Recognizing the critical role of efficient shift management in business operations, Workeen aims to simplify and optimize the scheduling and coordination of workforce resources.

Key Features of Workeen:

  • 1  Smart Scheduling with Instant Conflict Detection: Workeen facilitates intelligent scheduling by enabling you to create schedules based on factors such as skills, employment rules, availability, and preferences. The system identifies and resolves conflicts in real-time, ensuring a seamless scheduling process.
  • 2  Shift Templates and Rotations: Easily create new schedules by utilizing customizable shift templates and defining preferred employees.
  • 3  AI-powered Scheduling and Adjustments: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence with Workeen's AI-Solver to swiftly discover optimal scheduling solutions. This feature guarantees a well-balanced distribution of the workforce, aligning individuals with the right skills to the appropriate jobs. Achieve effective change management by seamlessly managing scheduling adjustments with minimal disruption to the roster, thanks to its AI-driven solution.

Intersec Exhibition: A Gateway to Industry Recognition

By participating in the Intersec exhibition, we aim to showcase the capabilities of QR-Patrol and Workeen to a global audience of industry professionals, potential clients, and partners. The exhibition provides an invaluable opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

We invite attendees to explore its booth and experience firsthand how QR-Patrol and Workeen can revolutionize security and workforce management. The team will be on hand to provide live demonstrations, answer questions, and discuss how these solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of various businesses and industries.

As we prepare to take part in the Intersec exhibition in Dubai this January, the anticipation is high for the unveiling of Workeen alongside the continued promotion of QR-Patrol. These innovative solutions are poised to redefine the landscape of security and workforce management, offering businesses a technological edge in an ever-competitive market. The exhibition serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing forward-thinking solutions that address the evolving needs of the modern business world.

Written by Maria-Christina Antoniou